Make money and advance science by watching TV-shows


stand-up comedy, talk shows, celebrity interviews


from PC or mobile, anytime, anywhere

Get paid

as soon as the work is approved



Master emotion recognition skills

Pass short tutorials and qualification tests

Watch videos, analyze emotions

Determine what person is experiencing: track facial expressions, evaluate the intonation, analyze the poses

Earn up to $100 per task

$5 Standard, $18 Extended or $100 Jedi Master tasks with deadlines up to 2 weeks

How to do it?

Each task contains a number of videos. The videos are divided into short fragments (about 5 sec). For each fragment you have to select emotions of the interviewed person. After completing markup for all fragments of all videos in the task you can start another task. Your markup gets verified and if all is well you get paid for the task.

Why do it?

Humans can recognize emotions. Computers can't. Under the hood you're teaching artificial intelligence what we look like when we are happy, confused, surprised, etc. Contribute to neuroscience and help Neurodata Lab get one step closer to development of a system that can recognize and interpret human emotions.